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Sexy Summer with Flight Facilities – Foreign Language Film Clip

If you arent familiar with Flight Facilities and their sexy beats you must check out their latest release Foreign Language.

This was such an awesome clip to be involved in, a 70s inspired movie opening clip that captures that period is such a cool way.

Shot was split between Tamarama Beach, a boat off the Rosebay Wharf and in the Ivy Pool.  HOT locations, HOT and AMAZING actors/actresses and SMOKING HOT hair and makeup, thanks to the gorgeous Katy Clucas who led our team.

The Great Gatsby – Lights Camera ACTION!

[superquote]This October really started off with a BANG @ Fox Studios on set for the The Great Gatsby.[/superquote]


Uh huh, that is right, on set with Leonardo Dicaprio!  What an amazing experience behind the scenes in the hair and makeup residence, even just walking past the styling areas, amazing brands lined up for miles you could have an absolute field day in there!

Walking on set is just another experience altogether, one the scenes being shot was out of this world, the props were larger than life and you really felt as though you had stepped back in time to the roaring 20’s into a high society party.  Hair, makeup, clothes and accesories were to die for, LOVE, LOVE LOVED IT.

Then right in front of you Leonardo Dicaprio absolutely beaming, looking bronzed and extremely dapper, laghing and joking around with the cast in between takes.  Once camera rolls and action he slips into his role, charasmatic, smooth and captivating.

So how tall is Leo I hear you ask….  Well he happens to be 5’11 however looks much much taller, he just has this amazing presence!

Get out and about ladies, Leo is in town and he is single!